Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Full Moon
Happy, Happy 25th Birthday John.

This full moon is a “no brainer” for me. Naturally, in November, we all think about Thanksgiving and what we have to be thankful for (and I am beyond thankful for the wonderful friends John left us, who keep us going almost every day). But tonight, on the eve of the full moon, it is John’s 25th birthday so I also think of the 23 birthdays we had together…
From the 2nd birthday when he told my Mom and Grandmother and Great Aunt Anna to “just dwop the pwesents and weave” to the fabulous dinners we had as he grew up, when we would all dress in our finest and pick some place that was special and expensive and laugh and eat the night away! I can still picture sitting across from that handsome face with his smile that would melt your heart and think how lucky I was to have such an incredible family…and although my heart aches to return to that life I am thankful that I had it at all.
But I digress, because the real message for me tonight comes right from John because he was famous for his thank you notes. I have had more than one person tell me that they saved them…and after he died I actually got a copy of one he sent to Evelyn Lawnsby, thanking her for chaperoning a trip to the salt marshes when they were little… Anyone who has ever received a thank you note from him will understand… he was just able to put into words how he felt in his heart and it was so sincere! I never read, nor did I help with any of them…but I did have to haunt him to write them!
So, I hope you will take his lead and thank someone, anyone at all, today. While it would be lovely to actually write the words for them to keep and re-read I think he will be happy with just a simple word of thanks to any person you meet today who deserves it! And when you go to bed after doing that all day you will be able to think of how lucky you are to have so much to be thankful for!!
So, good luck and Thanks for listening!


colleen said...

Happy 25th Birthday John Ryan. I miss you more and more each day. Love you always and I hope you are playing music up there. Love Auntie Col

diane said...

Paula, I want to thank you and John for raising such a kind, generous, loving person. How many 8 year-olds would let a 5 year-old think he was his best friend? How many 8 year-olds would even GO to a 6 year-old's birthday party let alone be the life of the party?! Thank you for loving him and instilling unwavering values. Thank you for teaching him that it's all about love. Most of all, thank you for co-creating such a wonderful human being.

Jill said...

The day I graduated HW, I got a thank you note from John for all the Monday night rides to and from jazz band. He left the envelope on the front porch (lol). Accompanying the note was a graduation gift-- a little white diploma-shaped picture frame. On the note, he made a comment about the sample photo in the frame, which featured a very posed older woman flashing a pageant smile and clutching a fake diploma. Hilarious but true. I still have the frame, and because of the way he mocked the insert.... I never put my own photo in it. :-)