Friday, May 8, 2009

Full Flower Moon

John loved spring…Every year when John was in college we would have the same conversation at this time of year. School would be finishing up and we would be talking often to find out when he was finished with finals so we could come and pick up his stuff to bring home (which was always a truckload of musical instruments, including a full drum set, at least one guitar, an amp and a full sized organ along with his beer making equipment) It was testimony to how smart he was that he graduated magna cum laude when you notice how little “school” related items that went back and forth every year! People tell us all the time funny stories about his study skills!!!
But I digress…our discussions at this time of year always centered around the amount of bloom on the trees and did I think they would be out before he came home. He was very concerned that he would come home after the flowering trees had lost their flowers and the trees would be in full bloom. There was something about the color of the trees when they first bud that he loved.
Well, I was pulling out of our driveway this week and noticed that the sunlight was filtering through the baby leaves and it was just beautiful. Naturally I thought about him and wished he could be here to see it. But I also took a minute to thank him for teaching me to notice. So my full moon wish for you this month is to take the time to notice the gifts you have been given in life…sometimes they are so beautiful, simple, and free and to thank anyone who has made you stop and notice it!! Enjoy the beautiful spring.

ps. thank you Toni for telling me about the "flower moon" I think that is what made me notice the trees!