Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 15, 2008

Here we are again! Another summer has past and the days are already getting colder. As I sat at my computer to write this I noticed the wind chimes on our porch that have a piece of John in them…I will be taking them in soon because we don’t like to think of him in the cold. It was such a bad summer that I didn’t spend much time on the porch and therefore didn’t get to listen to his music.

I have been lucky to listen to the wonderful words of encouragement that you have continued to share with us. You have become his beautiful lyrics and have spread his “music” for him. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This month I can also thank my wonderful sister-in-law, Marie for reminding me of another of John’s quirky, yet so kind gestures and thought that as you are packing away your summer clothes you may follow John’s lead.

As Ra Ra Riot climbed the ladder, companies sponsored them and one company was a New York clothing store called Ben Sherman. He would sit with Lauren, pick out clothes and put his order in. He was very funny and would agonize over every purchase. Well, he felt so guilty about getting free clothes that he started donating a piece of his own clothes for each one he got; and it was never some creepy old T-shirt he picked up at the Salvation Army, no, it would be something I had gotten him at Brooks Brothers or Burberry! I really couldn’t get too upset because it was, after all, the right thing to do but I must say I did hope just once to see a beat up shirt in the pile!

I thought of him this weekend when I packed a few of my summer things away and did put in some good shirts and shoes that I rarely wear… I know he is smiling about that.

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Jill said...

But come on, Paula... the crappy thrift store tees generated more laughs... and we all know John was always seeking more laughs. I'll never forget the time he came over wearing a "world's best grandpa" shirt. He was all of 16!
School has begun again and I am back to using "Little Fishes" in my classes as background music for our rhythm games, or as a closing song to practice keeping a steady beat. I'm also teaching 5th grade strings this year... Resurrecting old violins from the closet reminded me of the one in your lending library. I hope you find someone who will learn on it. :-)
love, Jill
P.S. This school offers instrument repair programs: maybe the students would be able to use some of your more "used" instruments to hone their repair skills for no charge!

The Rug said...


It's funny, i read this post while wearing an old beat up shirt john gave to me! it's my favorite- first one off the clean laundry pile every time. So now you know, those shirts did occasionally get the boot! :)


Katie said...

At the turn of every season we go through our clothes (okay, well, I go through our clothes) to decide what stays and what goes to St. Paul's. This time, in honor of the full moon and to make Johnny happy, I'm going to donate my suits (what does a stay-at-home mom need with power suits anyway?)to HAWC. Hopefully they will give some women that extra bit of self confidence they need to get them to that interview and perhaps begin a life of healthy independence. FYI-for the men reading this post, Men's Wearhouse is running a promo: bring in your gently worn suits and receive a discount.

Love to all xox