Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Full Moon!

I have been thinking about my post for weeks because I am very afraid that I will run out of things to say (ok, not true, I am afraid that I will run out of ideas for this topic only, I will never run out of things to say!)

Well, I think John is helping me because last week I remembered that every time I would give him a compliment…on things that were to me so obvious about him…he would look at me and say, so earnestly, “thanks mom, … thanks a lot”

I miss that about him, his ability to make you feel good when you least expect it. I was always so glad I had thought to tell him whatever it was I thought he should be proud of…

So, that is what I was thinking I should suggest this month…give someone a compliment. Apparently there are lots of people out there that don’t get enough of them and don’t think they are noticed.

I have put all this on a blog so if you wanted to pass this on to someone who didn’t know our story they could read the whole thing and “get it”.

Have a nice day! And to get the ball rolling may I say that I have been so blessed by all of you, your support and kindness has pulled us through and for many days, given us a reason to get up. Thank you, you are all such wonderful friends, and we know how lucky we are to have been given the gift of you.

3 comments: said...

Happy Full Moon back at you Paula. Always nice to get a reminder, and I know it helps to hold John Ryan close to your heart.

Be well, Dan

Anonymous said...

Hey Paula:

I just received my first "Full Moon" e-mail. Actually, I was driving home last night with my daughter, Leah and we both noticed the BEAUTIFUL full moon with one bright star to the right of it. I quickly said to her ~ "make a wish" ~ you know the story ~ Star light star bright, first star I see tonight ~ I won't bore you with what I always wish for but in the same breath, I say "hello" to my dad who know lives in heaven too and it makes me feel like he is saying "hello" in return ! Hope you are having a restful summer... keep up with the reminders! It is good to "get grounded" everly once in awhile!

Bev D.

Whitney said...

I also noticed that last night's full moon was especially beautiful. A perfect, cloudless, warm summer evening sky...we're so lucky to receive little gifts from Johnny like we did last night. Keep it up JRP.