Friday, May 8, 2009

Full Flower Moon

John loved spring…Every year when John was in college we would have the same conversation at this time of year. School would be finishing up and we would be talking often to find out when he was finished with finals so we could come and pick up his stuff to bring home (which was always a truckload of musical instruments, including a full drum set, at least one guitar, an amp and a full sized organ along with his beer making equipment) It was testimony to how smart he was that he graduated magna cum laude when you notice how little “school” related items that went back and forth every year! People tell us all the time funny stories about his study skills!!!
But I digress…our discussions at this time of year always centered around the amount of bloom on the trees and did I think they would be out before he came home. He was very concerned that he would come home after the flowering trees had lost their flowers and the trees would be in full bloom. There was something about the color of the trees when they first bud that he loved.
Well, I was pulling out of our driveway this week and noticed that the sunlight was filtering through the baby leaves and it was just beautiful. Naturally I thought about him and wished he could be here to see it. But I also took a minute to thank him for teaching me to notice. So my full moon wish for you this month is to take the time to notice the gifts you have been given in life…sometimes they are so beautiful, simple, and free and to thank anyone who has made you stop and notice it!! Enjoy the beautiful spring.

ps. thank you Toni for telling me about the "flower moon" I think that is what made me notice the trees!


Jess F. said...

Hi Mrs. Pike,
After reading your message, I had to share with you the fact that this spring in particular I noticed the flowering trees so much more than I have any other year. The past few weeks I can't stop noticing the white and pink dogwood trees and the gorgeous magnolias around town and in places where they have always been, but I just didn't really pay much attention. As I know we all do, I often think of John. When I was walking to class one day this past week, I literally stopped, looked at a this pretty white dogwood and thought to myself, "I bet John would have loved this tree." I am not sure what it was about that tree that made me stop, but I am happy that I did and that it made me think of John. It is moments like these that let me know John is still with us in so many ways and I am so thankful for that. Love, Jess

Samm said...

Mrs. Pike,

First of all, what a wonderful blog! I love reading your monthly posts, and get such a kick out of the old John stories. I am sure anyone who knew John would agree that it is impossible not to have a vivid picture of him immediately enter your mind when you are reading all thoughtful/hilarious/jaw-dropping stories. What a great tribute!

This months post (like all others) is perfect. How often we all forget to really appreciate the little blessings around us each day. Thank you, and John, for the reminder. We should all take a page out of John's book and stop and smell, look at, and appreciate the flowers.


PeterM said...

Dear Paula (I'm trying hard to not call you Mrs. Pike),

Each month, you and others here reveal to me things I never knew about John (this month, his love for Spring, trees, etc.) Your message this month is so true and should be thought of every day.

Each morning is a Spring in a sense and should be looked at as a new beginning. Instead of longing for things we don't have, we should start each day giving thanks to the things we do have and the things we have had, and then try to build on it through the course of the day.

All My Best,

Pete Miller

Anonymous said...

You have made me realize many, many things. Thank you. Jodi

Laura said...

Thanks Paula. Another wonderful entry. I enjoy reading them every month. Keep them coming! ~Laura Blanchard :)

Wealth Builders said...

Paula, beautiful post. It is true that life goes by so fast and we do really need to take a moment and STOP and 'smell the roses' or notice the budding trees or how beautiful the sky looks...children have a way of pointing out the obvious to adults in such beautiful ways ! We will miss you dearly at school!

Anonymous said...

Paula, You mentioned that you wanted John to be proud of you, that's a silly statement as your dedication to him beyond life shows through in all of your actions. I respect you and your deep ability to love. As a mom, I learn from many veteran moms and hope that I can pass on to my children the same skills, knowledge, and genuine care and concern for others that I observe through the daily actions of individuals such as yourself. You are a truly special person and you hold a special place in my heart. I know as colleagues, we don't always allow ourselves to become personally attached during the workday due to the daily operations of a school but know that you will be thought of often kindly and the utmost of respect for not only your accomplishments but in your ability to see the light in life through a tremendously horrible set of circumstances. With love, Heidi